Harry Stack Sullivan's Attachment Theory

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Register to read the introduction…Although the three components are seemingly different, taking a closer and in depth look at depression and schizophrenia: depression is an illness that affects the entire body- affecting mostly a persons mood and their outlook on life, depression zones in on internal insecurities and can be labeled as a form of bipolar basically ones relationship with themselves. Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder whereby thoughts are severely impaired, social interactions is kept to a minimum. Interpersonal relationships, depression and schizophrenia are all relationships based on ones internal state thus if our internal state is somewhat impaired, it imposes on the relationships we currently have and may or may not form in…show more content…
This is a clear form of attachment yet there is no substance in the bond formed, the basis of the relationship is that needs will be somewhat fulfilled and there is an element of security from a complete stranger.

The summative idea of both the interpersonal and attachment theory is that both contribute greatly to the basis of relationship formation and the explanation of why two or more human beings find themselves attracted to one another or why they do not. My essay is mainly focused on areas of ‘grey’ as I believe nothing can be completely conclusive when it comes to human emotions and relationships, there will always be areas of uncertainty and insecurity. My expectation for the reader is that one is able to distinguish between black, white and grey areas in relationships and that approach grey areas without
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