Attractiveness In Psychology

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Attraction is the quality or feature that makes someone evoke interest or liking. Most people believe that physique tops the list of attractive qualities in the dating world. But, a survey and a study, there are other qualities men and women constantly search beyond beauty and charms.

The definition of attractiveness has eluded science, as mankind keeps on explaining the meaning of beauty. Beauty is subjected and classified as physical, emotional, mental, and social aspects of the target. Like interests and hobbies, the beauty of the dog Poodle may be viewed by many as majestic, while others find it unappealing. According to the Scottish philosopher David Hume: “beauty was no quality in things themselves; it exists merely in the mind that
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Emotional aspect features comfort, trust, emotional intelligence, uniqueness, and uncertainty. All of these factors are important during the development of commitment or relationship, in which people fall in love. A small problem in one of the factors, such as trust and uniqueness, may damage an existing relationship or ruin a developing one.

The top part dominated by logic is the aspect that separated humans from animals. People use logic to make important decisions, such as marriage, family, and permanent residence. It can also be used to re-evaluate the relationship by qualifying the other factors of the pyramid, in case the future of the relationship is doubtful.

Determining attractiveness based on gender can pinpoint what makes men like with women and what women want with men. In a survey that involved more than 100,000 men and women from 53 different countries, revealed the most attractive traits in men and women. The researchers instructed the participants to choose the top three traits they thought as the most important in a potential partner from 23 different traits. The respondents chose the following:
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On the other hand, women chose more intangible qualities than physical ones that define behavior and cleverness but, they prefer their potential partner to be funnier than being too smart. The other traits that were chosen include communication skills, dependability, age, and ambition. As a whole, 9 out of 10 traits were the same on both gender, except for the age trait in the men’s list. None of the chosen traits were associated with material possession or social status of the potential partner.

Intelligence is an attractive trait to many people, some even find it sexually attractive, people who may be sapiosexual. Sapiosexuality is referred to an individual who finds human intelligence and the human mind sexually attractive traits in the opposite sex. The common sign of this sexuality is how much a person values intelligence over good looks or is experiencing unquestionable attraction to smart
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