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Better by Atul Gawande, one aspect that caught my attention that makes me want to do something better in my work setting is patient negligent. When you negligent something, although you may not notice it, it is still consider negligent. When Atul spoke about Peter doctor not noticing a tumor in his x-ray, and later Peter development lymphoma (Gawande, 2007), that is consider negligent. Working at an Adult Day Health center, there are many situations that you hear from clients telling one another how they are unhappy about their kids treating them or simply not getting along with his/her kids. Hearing these stories, it is hard not wanting to do something about it. However, since I’m hearing it and not directly being informed about it, I cannot do anything. Also with culture consideration, sometime what you think is right other does not think so. With that being said, I want to inform my clients about elderly negligent because it does happens and that they have the right to know what to do. Many of my Vietnamese elders do not know where to go for help or how to get resources. By telling them that they can get help by their case manager, or us…show more content…
In nursing school, we are taught to learn about culture consideration but we can only remember so many since there are a lot of different cultures out there. One way I think that can help to have a better understanding regarding different culture is having an online class for it. In Children Hospital they offer different classes through Powerpoint for nurses that want to have a better understanding about certain topic. At the end of the class, there will be a quiz for you to take to pass the class. With these classes, you can take it whenever you want and by simply logging into your work account. I think this way it will help nurses to have more knowledge with different culture consideration when taking care of their patients and their

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