Aubrey Mytych Character Analysis

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Small details can create a big picture of someone’s life. As I get to know Aubrey Mytych, I notice the small details in her life that forms an impression based on her. From a stranger’s point of view, they might see a girl who spends her entire life and dedication on sports. The first words that tends to trail out of her mouth, is anything in relation to field hockey. And yet, observing a constant need to be active in school and the community can, if you look under the surface. Because of first impressions, one creates a conclusion on who someone really is, while I try not to judge Aubrey on her status, but of who she really is.

A minor detail can make a difference between two people, similar to a fingerprint. Unsurprisingly, Aubrey and I have many differences; she is more focused on athletics, as I am with arts. Her dedication to field hockey is so strong, that it is even her favorite pass time for whenever her birthday comes around. One of her ambitions, other than choosing the law field as a career, is to play division one field hockey, and help win a championship for Sem. Another topic that shows a contrast between us, are our family lives. Involved with athletics as well, ie, her father actually wrestles and her mom used to do softball. In a contrasting way, sheis
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One thing I would say that is true is, both of our family members influenced us positively. A lesson taught to her upon numerous occasions was that things are not handed down to her. She has to truly earn it. Her favorite subject, coincidently coincides with mine; while science is her favorite subject, mine, math being essential for it. Teachers always say, “Math is needed in everyday life,” so having the influence of that in the subject is great. Our dedication is great. She focuses on the work at hand and gives multiple hours in the week for sports, as I give the same dedication to
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