Auchwitz: The Stolen Generation

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I staunchly believe that aboriginal and Torres straight islanders are maltreated and are taught in an extremely scarce manner, furthermore, they were forcibly removed from their families between the years of 1910 and 1970. The stolen generation has had an extremely traumatic effect on the aboriginal people and their culture, causing them to become very irritated towards the Australian white population. Although the intentions were innocent enough, the procedure was severely flawed in many ways. Children were taken away by brute force, fear was used to keep them from running away from "Safety" but what it was was the opposite, almost like an Auchwitz 's for half-castes. The reason for this accusation of these camps being like Auschwitz is that the children that were sent here were trained to be slaves to the whites. The girls taken…show more content…
The main source for these paragraphs are mainly from the 'Challenging racism ' research. The power of numbers can overwhelm or overthrow almost anything. This time, the numbers are from the black and half-caste community. This part will show many a sad truth, even make heads turn. But whatever the case, this is all factual information. When given the statement 'All races are equal ', 84.4% of people who took part agreed, whilst 10.7% disagreed. That means that 10.7% of these Australians think that skin colour makes a person superior to someone with darker skin. That is true racism. The danger of racial fanaticism still looms around us, we may not notice that there is racism around us. But the racist decisions are being corrected, racist ways of our past are being noticed and we are apologising for those times. The social in-adaption and un-acceptance of aboriginals was one of our biggest issues that our nation faced, now they live with us, around us, they are our neighbours. Although Australia is inherently racist, it is slowly changing for the

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