Aucoin's Democratic Reform In Canada

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Aucoin Essay Our new prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau has given a set of democratic reforms to minister LeBlanc who has been given the task to deal with the problems regarding parliament issues. Our prime minister has promised Canadians real change to the way the government governs by committing to invest in Canada’s growing economy, to strengthen the middle-class, to help the hard working class, to provide help to those whom need it most compared to those who do not need it, and to invest in the public to create jobs, economic growth and a broad-based expansion. Aucoin’s democratic reform proposal tests for good reforms that include clear objectives, no loopholes, clear enforcement mechanism, entrench the house of commons power, fixed…show more content…
Aucoin would agree with this plan because Justin is not over using his authority and is spreading the power into his parliament to make a real change in Canada while still staying within the rules and is keeping his word to Canadians. Mr. Trudeau plans or improving partnerships with provincial, territorially, and municipal governments are crucial in brining real change to Canada and the biggest relationship to fix is with Indigenous People in regards to rights, respect, co operations, and most importantly partnership. Also Justin Trudeau has committed bringing new leadership to Canada and one way he plans on doing this is by allowing more openness and transparency in government to shine the light on the government to show the people that they are there to serve the people and not themselves. Aucoin would agree with these set commitments because there is a clear objective of fixing relationships with no loopholes and he is serving for the population and not the…show more content…
In reference to Aucoin’s democratic reforms the government is to be held responsible for their actions, whether they be good, or bad and Justin acknowledges this and he and his government will be held responsible for their actions. Justin also understands he only has four years till the next mandate to try and achieve all their commitments, but Justin also has a great understanding that other problems will occur during his reign as prime minster and will deal with those problems accordingly and correctly when they occur while still staying to his prior commitments. The Canadian prime minister understands and expects in their work will reflect the values of inclusion, honesty, hard work, fiscal prudence, and generosity of spirit will be the way the Canadian government will work and as a result should bring Canada closer together than ever before. Aucoin would be alright with this because Justin is clear with his objective to bring more involvement for Canadian’s voices to be herd in the government and that the government is there to serve its population for the people’s point of views and not the individuals
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