Auction Of Souls: Movie Analysis

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Known as the Joan of Arc of Armenians, Aurora was a valiant Armenian American who has represented victims of the Armenian Genocide. At only fifteen- years old, Aurora witnessed the murder of her brother and father and took part in the immense deportation of many Armenians in which Armenians were forced to walk miles and miles over scorching, hot deserts without food or water. One day in the Syrian Desert, the Turks garnered a group of girls and planned to crucify sixteen of them. Aurora was the seventeen girl in line and she escaped from horde of weak and suffering Armenians, but later, slave traders captured and sold her to harems of the Turkish officials who viciously tortured her until she escaped from their hands.With nowhere to go, Aurora traveled for eighteen months through the Dersim Mountains, until a group of American missionaries found…show more content…
Historical, educational, and influential, Auction of Souls was showed in over twenty-three states and in London. Many critics believed that everyone should have watched this emotional film; however, some states banned the movie because it was too horrific and gory. Eventhough, there are only little portions of the movie left today, it raised the spirits of many victims of the genocide who wished for people around the world to be informed about the dreadful scourges many of them had to fight through. At the end, Aurora’s book and movie raised over 20 million dollars, which she donated to Near East relief programs that helped more than 60,000 Armenian orphans. Aurora Mardiganian is a symbol of survival, unconditionally love for a homeland nation, philanthropy, and winning over human evil. Aurora is the perfect example of an Armenian American, because she is someone who has not only prospered in America, but also contributed back to her origin

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