Audience Analysis: Business Communication

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Planning is the most important stage in creating effective business messages. There are three components of the planning process: Audience analysis, Idea development, and Message structuring. Audience analysis means to analyze the needs of your audience by taking into consideration the respondents feelings, thoughts, and actions. In addition, one must take into consideration how the message may impact the working relationship. Communicators who are effective in their approach take certain actions to tailor their message to others. For example, they may identify reader benefits and constraints, consider the read values and priorities, estimate personal credibility, anticipate reactions, and consider the secondary audiences.

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The facts and conclusions related to the case were acknowledged in the letter explaining why the phone’s battery exploded, their process of global recall and the actions the company would take to remedy this problem. President and CEO of Samsung Electronics Europe, YH Eom, clearly state what they believe happened and informed customers that they were investigating further. He effectively targets the audience, in this case, its customers, by explaining their side and what they intend to do in the…show more content…
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Three writing principles that I most need to work on is controlling paragraph lengths, using shorter sentences and avoiding empty phrases. I have recognized that sometimes my paragraphs are longer than they really need to be. According to Cardon (2013), one way to solve the problem is to focus on only one idea or topic for each paragraph. I would like to improve on this because I understand that overloading a reader with information on more than one topic can be confusing and take away from the intended message.The next thing I need to change is learning to decrease lengthy sentences. I have noticed that often my intended message gets lost behind erroneous wording resulting in poor communication. I need to approve on this habit by creating shorter sentences to give them more meaning, so they can be received more positively. A way that I can correct this problem is to focus on what my intended message is and limit the sentence to 15 words or less using simple words that are easy to understand (Cardon, 2013).The third writing principle I need to achieve is avoiding using empty phrasing. This is probably my worst habit, as a matter of fact, if one was to look at any of my previous writings you would
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