The Importance Of Fostering Effective Communication

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There are several ways that can be used to improve the communication, and they are embrace the approach of audience- centred, promoting the open communication climate, constructing lean and efficient messages, executing to ethical communication, accommodate the difference of culture, and last but not least, fostering the professionalism in relationship.
Audience centred communication description effectiveness (n.d), stated that the communicator or the speaker will evaluate every each one of the listener in order to resolute the body language, and the content. Massila Hamzah (2010) wrote that in order to be a good speaker, the speaker must keep the audience in the mind all of the time during the communication process by learn about the audience 's age, level of education, status and background. This
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Practising what have learnt which lead to be a habit is good in fostering effective communication. First of all, during communication, it is crucial for every people to focus by stop doing and thinking and looks to the communicator; hearing just not enough yet but listen to the message and the meaning so that we will be able to avoid misinterpretation. Apart from that, be open minded by do not making a prejudgement. Instigate trust by set up the positive and open communication amongst member- this will lead to the effectiveness of any teamwork project in future. On top of that, making a humour in communication is encouraging as to avoid a boredom perhaps share a funny stories however it is important as long the joke and humour is not sensitive and become offensive. Another aspect is, the conversation that held should not to be more personal which meaning to say it is alright to be friendly, however too many personal drama should be avoided. Last but not least, keep a good body language whereas maintaining eye contact, not slouching when people is communicating, nodding, not crossing the arm,

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