Audiological Evaluation Paper

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EVAS, he experiences irregular shifts in his hearing ability so monitoring his audiogram is vital for effective communication, so one service that needs to be added is regular audiological evaluations when a change in hearing is suspected or at least monthly. The acoustics of classrooms and other learning environments can significantly alter how Sam has access to spoken language. So the audiological evaluations need to include at minimum an aided audiogram and evaluation of personal amplification (hearing aides) and educational modification (FM unit). My preference for this type of evaluation is for an ASHA certified Educational Audiologist. This should be completed whenever there is a documented change in hearing or any changes in seating…show more content…
This unit pairs with his current FM unit at school. The pen can be passed among classmates as a microphone during spontaneous conversations in class. It can be placed on the lunch table near his peers so that pragmatic language amongst peers can be effective. This unit needs to be one that is free to travel with Sam at all times so that he can freely participate in recreational, community, social, cultural and family activities where he will need to access sound. The Roger Pen can also serve as a back up for when the Educational FM unit has technical issues.

Another service that I request to make communication effective for Sam is that all teachers, administrators, aides and therapists who work with Sam receive an in-service from a Listening and Spoken Language certified specialist to discuss communication strategies for John. Additionally any teacher, aide, administrator or therapist who may be called upon to use the FM system should have an in-service to learn the functionality of the Educational FM Unit and the back up Roger Pen unit.

An auxiliary aide that is required for John 's effective communication is a hearing aid care kit provided by the school. Details about the Hearing Aid Check can be found here:
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