1.4 Qualitative Factors Analysis

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1.4 Qualitative factors To Determine Sufficiency and
Appropriateness of audit evidence
Sufficiency is the measure of the quantity of audit evidence meanwhile appropriateness is the measure of the quality of audit evidence. Because of this, its relevance and reliability in providing support for, or detecting misstatements in, the classes of transactions, account balances, and disclosures and related assertions. When assessing risks and designing further audit procedures, the auditor should consider the sufficiency and appropriateness of audit evidence at the same time. The quantity of audit evidence needed is affected by the risk of misstatement (the greater the risk, the more audit evidence is likely to be required) and also by the quality
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It gave the opportunity to the students to practice what they have learned during lectures and tutorials. The students can get extra knowledge and information through their industrial training and get benefits from there. During my involvement in completing my industrial training at Aljafree & Co, I feel very satisfied because I have finished or had done all the work that was given by the firm. Even though each of field has different task and responsibilities, but the full commitment are needed in order to make the process of operation will run smoothly. After completing my industrial training in 24 weeks at Aljafree & Co, my opinion is this course should be emphasis in order to produce the quality students in academician and skills and also create the critical and creative thinking among them. In reality, with this course can make improvement among students, discipline, and are responsible any task given and train them in communication skills. Directly, it gives the image and picture for future planning in job prospect. The most tasks are given very challenging and are out of my skills and…show more content…
It is because the objectives in this course are achieved in order to make preparation for student in real work environment in the future and can build the communication skills among student and build highest motivation and self-development to face the pressure and challenges at the workplace.

As conclusion, this industrial training session gives me a good experience in applying all knowledge in studies to the real accounting and auditing working. It also gives me more responsibility in doing the task given. I have learn more in this industrial training and gain more technical competency in accounting, manage my stress in doing rigorous works and also feel the actual simulation of working life so that I will be prepared when I going to work soon. My selected issue already discussed about the issue on the audit evidence in audit firm. Audit evidence can be defined as all the information which are gathered and used by auditor in arriving their conclusions on which the audit opinion which are made is based and contains the information such as accounting records which follow financial statements and other related information. Besides that, all audit evidence which is collective in nature, includes audit evidence which collect from audit procedures that are perform during audit

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