Starbucks Planning And Control Case Study

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Planning and control Planning and control are considered key factors in the success and growth of companies or businesses. Such companies have a clear and organized planning process and control that lead organizations to achieve their goals and objectives. The planning process establishes the short and long plans that direct the company to meet its goals in-line with the organization’s missions, strategies, and objectives. The control process, on the other hand, focuses mainly on auditing the organizations’ procedures and implements corrective actions if they deviate from the established guidelines and regulations. Starbucks has been very successful in maintaining its position as one of the best coffee houses around the world. A position the…show more content…
Its products are expensive compare to other competitors in the market. Because of the economic situation of these days, consumers are finding them self-switching to a lower price coffee service providers, especially in lower developed countries. Starbucks is dealing with this issue by offering products promotions and lowering prices by recycling paper cups or using customers’ provided mugs as a mean for promoting environmental friendly operations. Increased competition is another threat facing Starbucks which the company has to deal with. Due to globalization the organization should focus on developing a good reputation not only in the US, but also around the world. It can be done by meeting customers’ needs and providing special good quality goods and services. Organizations apply capacity management to have the opportunity to plan ahead, quickly response to business requirements, and to manage resources efficiently. Starbucks capacity management strategy enables the firm to identify underused products and reallocate its excess capacity to where it can be utilized and monitor the impact. Furthermore, the organization can match its supply of raw material to its demand to effectively run the company operations. By applying this strategy Starbucks saves money and uses these extra funds to develop new products and…show more content…
Any company’s organizational culture generally influences employees as well as the business performance. In Starbucks case , organizational culture is a key factor of its business success and it's what distinction Starbucks from its competitors. Starbucks strongly encourages innovation by having a great organizational culture. Starbucks describes its organizational culture as "a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity". And the key characteristics that makes its organizational culture unique

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