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How do I learn best? I’m an Auditory Learner. Which means that I learn way better if I listen to music or if I’m listening to my teacher tell exactly what to do. I do not work with other people well. Especially with horrific group projects, last year I worked with eight people for our trail project. I‘m used to working alone, so, I took my work home and finished exactly what only I, Karlee Olson could do. Which was my speech. I hate when I read the instructions I’m an okay reader, but I just do not enjoy it. Unless it 's a book I LOVE reading, but if It’s not that... Heck no. I would rather listen to someone read a story,rather than having to read it myself it just makes sense when I’m listening to it. I also don 't enjoy talking or…show more content…
My friend Bailey gave a new girl a tour around the school and now she sits at lunch with us, and I have been completely okay with her being there. She’s nice and now she lives in the same neighborhood as Bailey and I. It’s uncommon except for the kids who went to Tarver before Century. Which there are few people here. Of course I notice them all I had classes with them last year, so I know who’s from there or not. One way I’m not being open minded is with Hannah Roberts. She just breaks my personal space bubble all the time, but I don’t think she gets how much space I need. I went to Tarver with her and she was the same way. Its just challenging for me. She is definitely either 1 or 4 and it’s not easy. Now, I 'm going to talk about what kind of smart I’m. I’m Music smart. Meaning that I usually know song lyrics and who sings songs and what the names of them are. I’m auditory. I pay attention to sounds. So, I work better if I can listen to music while I’m working. It is nice to be able to do that, a large quantity of my teachers lets us and therefor I can finish all my work fast and…show more content…
As an Auditory learners, music calms them. I try to listen to music whenever possible and I love it. Right now I’m listening to a song that helps. It makes work go faster and makes stress disappear. That is what I prefer to do in my free time. Another example is that when I sleep, I turn on my music and turn it on a timer for 30 minutes and put it under my pillow and sleep on it. Also, when I wake up at 5:30, I wake up to the song “Play” by Marian Hill. It’s kind of silly. It sounds similar to a nursery song. I’m also naturally smart. Which means it helps working on my homework outside. It also means that I enjoy to hike and I can name plants and trees. For my birthday each year I love to hike or swimming. I love nature and. I try to stay outside and walk often, It helps thinking and clear my mind at the same time. It helps with stuff. Those are the reasons why I’m an Auditory learner. These reasons explain exactly who I’m and they are important, that is who I’m. Therefor I’m an Auditory learner and I’m also the color green. Thank you for listening and reading this. I sincerely appreciate that you did this and I hope it helped you know who I’m, and how I work, hopefully this will help you when teaching and it’s easier for you. Have a
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