Auditory Stimulation Case Study

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Brain connectivity is one of the most enigmatic question posed to neuro-biologists. The establishment of this intricate network in prenates and neonates brain is influenced in equal measures by environmental and biological factors. In it's extension, certain environmental stimulation boost the parameters for improved brain connectivity. One such factor is auditory stimulation. It is widely believed that use of such stimulation increases cognitive functions. With the present understanding of the underlying mechanism use of auditory stimulation can be used for reprogramming brain connectivity. Studies indicate the effective reprogramming in psychiatric disorders such as autism and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and ALS, where…show more content…
Environmental factors tend to modify the inputs received by the sensory pathway.

The developing brain is most vulnerable to these alterations and interacts with the environment to modify its neural circuitry. In addition to other sensory stimuli, auditory stimulation can also act as external stimuli to provide enrichment during the perinatal period. There is evidence that suggests that enriched environment in the form of auditory stimulation can play a substantial role in modulating plasticity during the prenatal period.

The molecular mechanisms of various changes in the hippocampus following sound stimulation to effect neurogenesis, learning and memory are described. Sound stimulation can also modify neural connectivity in the early postnatal life to enhance higher cognitive function or even repair the secondary damages in various neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Thus, it becomes imperative to examine in detail the possible bettering effects of prenatal sound stimulation in various psychiatric disorders, such as
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