Audre Lorde's Analysis

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Audre Lorde takes a huge stand in expressing the responsibility for the oppressed to teach the oppressors their mistakes. This leads to me to the questions, what are the particular details within each of our lives that can be scrutinized and altered to help bring about change? How do we redefine difference for all women? I think one of the most important things to highlight is that differences aren’t bad, ignoring them keeps us apart. Lorde mentions that she had heard this argument among white women saying, “the excuse given is that the literatures of women of Color can only be taught by Colored women, or that they are too difficult to understand, or that classes cannot “get into” them because they come out of experience that are too different.” This is a clear example of how oppressors differentiate colored women and white women. I think the white women that said this don’t quite grasp the concept that this literature of women of color can help unify us by empathizing with people that don’t come from the same experience as us. In no way women of color experiences are too “alien” to comprehend, it is the ignorance of the oppressor that refuses to look passed their distorted view of different races. I believe being taught different point of views from women of color could help enrich our culture in many ways. One of the ways, is that we do not perceive differences among all women of color. Lorde mentioned that “it is not our…show more content…
We can implement ways to use each other’s differences to enrich our observations. As Lorde mentions, “change means growth, and growth can be painful” we all can strive to make a difference, even with others we perceive different from ourselves and having the same goal in mind, which is to end
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