How Did Audrey Hepburn A Good Role Model

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Audrey Hepburn A woman who suffered through a war, managed to overcome many odds and become a memorable idol. From working with several name brand designers to helping those in need. Even going as far to give up her acting career just to be closer to her kids, it’s difficult to imagine such an extraordinary person existed. Audrey Hepburn was an academy-award winning actress and a naturally beautiful model. Born as Edda-Kathleen Hepburn-Ruston on May 4, 1929 in Brussels, Belgium; Audrey lived with her parents and two half siblings up until the age of six, when her father left the family to go to England. Hepburn first came to America when she was on the cast for the broadway production of Gigi, at the age of 22, little did she know that this small step in her career would help her to become a world famous icon. Through years of hard work, Audrey Hepburn managed to impact world through her many notable films, her graceful modeling career, and her work with UNICEF.…show more content…
After retiring from her acting and modeling careers, Audrey still felt compelled to give back to the world some way, so she decided on working with UNICEF. Once becoming an ambassador for the campaign, she began to travel to places like El Salvador and Sudan in order to those who were suffering through difficult times (Ridding). Hepburn felt as though this was her call to help people because she, herself, suffered through World War II and knew how difficult things could become. She continued to help those less privileged than herself until her death 1993. The year prior to her death, 1992, Hepburn won two awards, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Jean Humitarian award, for her work with the campaign (Connelly, 629). After giving up her world of being on-screen, Audrey still wished to work and become a positive influence on the future generations; her work with UNICEF helped her to complete this
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