Auggie And Quarta's Differences

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“A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you”-Joyce Meyer. In the story, “The Girl Who Was Born With Only Two Arms And Two Legs” by Stuart Baum, Quarta gets made fun of and, saves a friend but still gets bullied, But then she thinks of a really fun game and lots of people join her finally the bullys join her too. In the book, “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio, a boy August Pullman who likes to be called Auggie has a deformity and goes to school even though he has been homeschooled for his whole life and he gets bullied but makes friends who stand up for him and at the end of the year he earns a award and doesn 't regret going to school. Both Auggie and Quarta are similar by her attitude, how they’re outsiders, and how they overcome bullying. One way Auggie and Quarta are similar is their attitude. Firstly Auggie is kind when he let 's Jack Will cheat off his paper and, when he let 's summer sit by him at lunch. Similarly, Quarta is kind by letting everyone play her new game even if they weren 't the nicest to her. They both are being nice to other people despite how they get bullied. Another example is, they are both hopeful of making friends, being normal, and fitting in. You can see how their attitudes are alike. The last way is they are both easy going. Auggie just pretends like he doesn 't care when people look at him and the way people react to him just doesn 't bother him. But Quarta is easy going because

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