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Augmented Reality Environment for Remote Education using Stereoscopic Rendering Abstract
Remote education is type of education just like face-to-face education. It facilitates the teacher to teach students by providing live environment in which teachers and students participate in operating and collaborating on 3D models of courses. Augmented Reality provide up to date learning experience between teacher and students. This paper purposed AR in education by stereoscopic rendering in which enhanced video stream coding of educational information is embedded in live video scene and this augmented enhanced video stream coding is shared among all students. Students
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Augmented reality is technology that embed virtual world in real world environment. This virtual world is delivered by PC controlled imaging equipment or CGI (computer generated images). Generally, the virtual world consists of 3D items/object/scenes, with or without heaving sound. Sometimes only textual info is included. Virtual items coincide with real world items by enlisting virtual and real items with each other. Therefore, the technology functions by improving one’s present view of reality. Augmented reality is rising type of involvement in which the real world is enhanced by computer-generated content which is attached to areas/specific locations or activities. In basic terms, AR enabled digital content to be consistently overlaid and mixed into our view of the real-world reality. Augmented reality is a key part of this immersive user experience, and it is clear from the number of latest items declarations in various application areas that this is an interesting topic across many industries. Augmented Reality (AR) has been in examined for more than forty years it has just been recently that researchers have started to formally assess AR applications. A large portion of distributed AR research has been on empowering advancements (tracking or displays, etc.), or on experimental prototype applications [7]. Augmented reality is portrayed by the incorporation of artificial or virtual components into the physical world as…show more content…
It also allows students to design virtual objects to check physical properties or interactions within objects. This type of application is also used in architectural and astronomical education. AR Books AR books augment virtual scene with the help of special devices such as HMD, glasses or through AR support Mobile. For example, AR Magic Book. AR Gaming
An augmented reality game often place virtual environment on top of a user’s actual environment. For example, Germ battle features an augmented reality world with lots of cool sound effects. It brings Virtual objects to the reality. Player can view scene from different angles and dimensions.

C. Display
There are several types of AR display.
1. The head mounted display (HMD) is worn on the head or attached to a helmet. This display can simulate goggles or glasses. In many cases, there is a screen that covers a single eye. The handheld device is a portable computer or mobile

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