August Boatwright: A Short Story

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In 1931 I had to get a nanny to keep up with my strange ways,her name was August Boatwright.she was the closest I ever got to a black person, but she didn 't bother she made me and tica tee peanut butter sandwich in letting me watch Shirley temple all night,but she would never let me slack on school work she would always say “you won 't go anywhere without an education”.soon he became my closest friend I grew up with her.soon august had to leave i was nineteen when she left to go to sylvan.Two years later I grew bored, wanting to see her that when I meet T-Ray. He was a charmer he was so in love he treated me like a princess he would take me out to the most expensive restaurant and show me all the beautiful resort.soon the fairy tale begins to fall apart he became obsessive and begins to worried about out everything.Then it begins to get worse, he wouldn 't me talk any man but him,and almost never let me go out.i wanted to leave but It was too late I was pregnant. After i got married to t-ray I soon had…show more content…
i had a nervous breakdown, and August was the only who could help I had to get away from t-ray,so i did.they all look the same but I couldn 't say the same for myself I look a mess.May taught me a few tricks to keep all god living trick alive.I grew happier and happier each day but i miss something,my light. the day I left I said goodbye like I knew it would be my last day. i caught a ride to the bus station when I made it back the place look different it was ruined and lily was all alone upstairs.i grabbed her tried to gather clothes than I heard footstep.t-ray footstep he came upstairs to find lily on the bed and me and the closet.he began yelling and cursing at me shanking me and dropping me on the ground. I went back and the closet to find t-ray gun I grabbed but lost my grip it fell over to the lily.she pick it up and try to aim at him all I heard was a boom in the gun hit him,no not him,me i began to go dark and then light I seen old lady I began to close my
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