August Pullman Deformity

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August Pullman a 10 year old boy living in New York was born with a face deformity, in the book he has his two parents and his older sister, Via. Because of his face deformity he has been homeschooled since fifth grade, but his parents have decided it's time for him to go to an actual school. Conflict that takes place is when one of the kids Julian that took August on the tour is noticeably mean and makes fun of August behind his back. During the school year the kids in his class start to get used to how he looks and August feels more comfortable. Eventually a kids decides to make up a rumor that if you touch August you will get the ‘Plague”, this causes all of his classmates to avoid touching August.For halloween he dressed up bleeding scream costume and overhears Jack another boy say to Julian and his friends that if…show more content…
Keep going in the story and it changes to Summer’s point of view, Summer actually wants to be August's friends not because the principal asked her to. Learning what Jack said about August she has to decide to stick with the popular people or be August's best friend she chooses to be his best friend. More into the story Jack realizes that August heard what he said he feels terrible. Now the story is back in August’s perspective Via is going to the play she has been working on she is the backup if the lead role would get sick Via argues that she does not want August to go because she doesn't want to be know as the girl with a deformed brother, when she gets a call that she will be the lead role all her anger goes away and she does great at the play. Opportunity comes to why Miranda stopped talking to Via, Miranda said that at camp she made up lies to become popular one included having a deformed brother, Miranda tells Via this is the reason she stopped talking to her and they become friends again. Prior to this August is packing to go to a school
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