August Pullman Character Analysis

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August Pullman In R.J Palacio’s book Wonder a child suffers from a disease that people can can get. There Is only 1 in 4 million chance that someone may suffer from it. The odds were not in favor for a young boy named August Pullman- better known as Augie. He has the struggles of dealing with bullies, friendships and family. Augie has to go to school for the first time, instead of homeschooling, in 5th grade. Augie has a very kind principal name Mr.Tushman. He makes some friends (Jack and Summer.) By the end of the year he is kinda cool with everyone. He gets a award and a standing ovations and after he came to the conclusion that “Everyone deserves a standing ovation because we all overcometh the world.” August is a brave, kind, but (can be) selfish 10 year old boy. When someone is being bullied at beecher prep, they are probably being bullied by a kid named Jillian. Augie tries to make peace with Jillian but for some reason, Jillian doesn 't want the same thing. Jillian at first isn 't very rude to August but at the same time he isn 't nice. Julian keeps slamming the doors on August not really allowing him to see anything.…show more content…
Being kind isn 't always easy. Sometimes just the smallest things can make someone go crazy. But for August Pullman being kind comes naturally. He is probably good at being kind considering he knows what it 's like to have people be rude to him. He knows the feeling and he doesn 't want anyone else to go threw that. A time when August showed this was towards the end of the book. More specifically at their graduation. Wonder noticed that Summer walked in and he didn 't hesitate to tell her that she looked great. Most kids may not compliment their peers but not August. Also by complementing Summer, he found out that Jack “liked” her. August said these lines in the book when he complimented Summer: “Wow, Summer, you look awesome.” By just saying those five words, he got a compliment back. That shows that kindness can spread from the
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