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Masculinity ruined by psychological scarring
In Fences, August Wilson, the main character Troy seems to have trouble showing what true masculinity is, because of his psychological scarring. How do Troy’s actions reflect what he believes about a man’s role? He’s a tragic hero, who makes mistakes in because of his conditioning as a male. He does not know how to love someone because of his father and his past. Fences critiques gender roles, and psychological issues. Because of Troy’s psychological downfall, his view of masculinity is different. His actions reflect that being a man, is all materialistic, about providing things for his family, not loyalty or compassion.
Being a man, means loyalty, strength, honesty, and providing for your family. Troy,
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He thinks to be a man you need to always show your place. When they get in a fight, Cory goes to turn it physical, and troy encourages it, because it’s part of his psychological scarring. He grew up with abuse, so he thinks it shows masculinity to be physical, because that’s all he’s known. He gets aggressive because he’s trying to mold him to the society that he knew, but because he never had emotional support, he doesn’t know how to do that to Cory. He tries to teach him to be tough because that’s how he knew to grow up. He’s Always talking about facing the devil, symbolizing his dad.
Since troy doesn’t know how to love properly, or be loyal, he isn’t loyal to rose. He’s selfish in thinking that he deserves more than rose does. He looks for happiness in another female because he thinks he’s fulfilling his duty of being a man because he provided materials to his family. He has a search for love, where he can’t get enough, and always wants more because he never got it as a child. He viewed violence as a way to shower power and in the scene with rose he tries to control her by grabbing at her, he mirrored his dad’s behavior by doing
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