August Wilson Forgiveness Quotes

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Many things affect us as people and as individuals. Parents being the ones that have the most influence over us as children and sometimes, even as full-fledged adults. In the play Fences, Troy Maxton was the father of three children who were affected greatly by him, his actions, and how he treated them as a whole. When the sins of our fathers visit us We do not have to play host We can banished them with forgiveness As God, in His Largeness and Laws. August Wilson’s quote was used in context numerous times throughout the play. Cory’s reaction of bitterness and anger during Troy’s funeral singing Troy’s favorite song with Raynell. Rose’s tiredness and not blaming Troy’s sins with the innocence of Raynell, even though she takes her as her own, she refuses to honor Troy and her marriage. Meaning that, we are the product of our experiences, if we choose to “forgive” them for their “sins” it teaches us that we no longer live in the past, and finally move forward, to becoming your own person. There is “no playing host” to the “sins of our father”, when you define your own path. Wilson highlights that most relationships are messy and no relationship is perfect, even with the mistakes our parent’s made. The Godly aspects thrown into the play between Gabriel thinking he’s an archangel, and Troy being unafraid and…show more content…
Wilson seems to be suggesting that Troy and Lyons would be the barrier or well, host of their Sins that never banished from their father. Cory and Rose would be the banishers through forgiveness. Each of Troy’s children will be affected in one way or another by Troy’s sins. Parents are the strongest guiders to who we are and what we could be if we let them affect us. Everyone has their own sins to bear and forgive for, it’s only the ones who are willing to let down their shield to do so that can no longer live in the past with the host of their father’s
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