Augustine And Sexuality Analysis

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The themes of sexuality, power, repression, knowledge and the mergence of religion and science have been thoroughly addressed, presented and exchanged between the movie Augustine and the writings of Foucault in the History of Sexuality. This notion presented by Foucault that sexuality is almost everything and anything is strongly conveyed through the movie. Throughout the movie, we can almost see that sexual desire is the good and the bad, the trap and the escape and last but not least, it is the problem and the solution. Having read between the lines that the sexual relationship between Dr. Charcot and his wife is quite anemic, it seemed as if his search towards knowing the truth behind sexuality is what substitutes what he is missing in terms of fulfilling his sexual desires at home. When asked by a colleague why he studies hysterics, Charcot does not say that he wants to cure them; he replies that his need is to "know”. Note that according to Foucault this theme of searching for the true discourse of sex may be as satisfying as the act of intercourse itself. A similar approach to this theme can also be applicable to Augustine. To her, although she may be unaware of it at the beginning, sexuality is also the problem and the solution. For those gathered around Dr. Charcot’s dinner table, they question why Augustine’s ‘mental ' illness symptoms are only presented through sexuality. A question that directly shows how our knowledge of sexuality during that period of time is

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