Augustine Confessions

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5. The Confessions is the story of Augustine 's return to God, so it is appropriate that story should begin with Augustine 's tribute of praise to the God he loves. In making a confession of praise, Augustine says, God is as close to him as his own life and experiences, always working for Augustine 's good, even when Augustine is unable or unwilling to recognize that truth. Throughout his youth when he lived a dissipated life of sin, and drifted away from the Church, it may have looked like God was hidden; however he was very much present within the lives of those interacting with Augustine on a daily basis. Many people who helped God be present in Augustine’s life include his mother, St. Monica, his friends, Alypius, Nebridius, Ponticianus, Victorinus and Simplicanus, as well as St. Ambrose. In Book I, chapter 4, Augustine writes of God, “most deeply hidden and most nearly present” and later also writes of God’s intimate closeness and nearness: “You who care for each one of us as though he was your only care and who cares for all of us a though we were all just one person.” God works through others, and he worked through Monica, when he says Monica shed many tears, God was definitely behind her loving him.“But to Thee, Fountain of mercies, poured she forth more copious prayers and tears, that Thou wouldest hasten Thy help, and enlighten my darkness; and she hastened the more eagerly to the Church, and hung upon the lips of Ambrose, praying for the fountain of that water,

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