Augustus Caesar: A Great Leader In Rome's History

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Augustus Caesar was one of the most powerful leaders in Rome’s history. He was born on September 23, 63 BC, and died in August 19, AD. As the first emperor of Rome and for establishing the Roman empire, he is very well known for doing these things for Rome. His birth name was Gaius Octavius Thurinus, but people usually called him Octavian. Octavian’s mother was related to Julius Caesar. So when he became a man he got involved with politics and wanted to join his uncle Caesar in battle. Due to the fact that Julius was impressed with the young Octavian made him his heir to his fortune and name. After Caesar's assassination Octavian found out that he was adopted by Caesar. Soon Octavian was elected as a Consul. Marc Anthony and Octavian, with the help of Lepidus, formed the second Triumvirate. The alliance was one where three men shared ultimate power in Rome. These three men eventually began to fight one another. Once Lepidus was defeated, his troops joined Octavian in battle. Marc Anthony eventually allied himself with Queen Cleopatra of Egypt.…show more content…
After this defeat, they both committed suicide. In 27 BC the Roman Senate gave Octavian the title of Augustus. So he now was Emperor of Rome. He was a great leader of Rome because he built many buildings, roads, and bridges in Rome, he brought peace to the land, and strengthened the army which conquered the Mediterranean Sea. Pax Romana, “Peace of Rome”, was a time where Rome sustained internal peace for about 200 years. Finally, he if often given credit for creating the info structure and peace of Rome. In conclusion, Augustus Caesar was not only one of Rome’s most famous Emperor, he created a long period of peace for
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