Augustus Caesar Essay: The Unification Of Rome

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Augustus Caesar established the Roman Empire in 31 B.C.E. after inheriting the throne from his great-uncle, Julius Caesar. At the time of his rising to power Rome was in shambles due to multiple civil wars. In order to bring unification back to Rome, “Augustus allied with Marc Antony to reunify Rome by killing off most of its enemies in two of the bloodiest battles in the history of the Roman Empire” (Blackwell). Through many hard fought and costly battles Augustus never gave up however, and pushed his forces to keep on fighting. Eventually, Augustus conquered all of his enemies and his ally, Marc Antony, to achieve his goal of bringing Rome back to peace. At this time the Roman civilization had a Republic as their form of government…show more content…
This law was exclusively made for Roman citizens and was derived from custom and legislation. Eventually, Rome developed its main legal code called the jus gentium (law of nations), which applied not only to Roman citizens, but also to foreigners within the borders of Rome. This system of laws was not founded through legislation, but was enacted by magistrates as a flexible alternative to the jus civile. These system of laws impacted the Roman Empire by establishing order and having flexible restrictions for all people entering or living in Rome. Therefore, because of these laws and the consistency they provided, the unification of the Roman Empire was achieved. Within the Roman Empire most of the Roman military was made up of citizen soldiers(soldiers that were citizens of Rome) because they were thought to be the best at defending the Empire, or conquering land to expand the borders of the Empire. In addition, women were responsible for the ownership of small shops, certain businesses, as well as large shipyards. Although both men and women were citizens according to the Roman government, only men were able to vote. Another right for citizens of Rome was marriage. Two people were allowed to marry if both were citizens and

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