Augustus In The Aeneid

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The book of Aeneid is writing by Virgil who tells a story about a legendary Trojan who traveled to Italy who became an ancestors of the Romans. The age of Augustus is also about a leader that ruled in the Roman emperor. Augustus told Virgil to write a story about a hero and Virgil did as he was told. I believe that the scholars were right about how the Age of Augustus was important to know and to understand it because that was a huge part in the making of The Aeneid. If it wasn’t for Augustus and Virgil then there wouldn’t be the story of Aeneid. People should know that when Augustus ruled Rome it was one of the golden ages. One Virgil was writing the poem of The Aeneid, he was did not like the poem at all but Augustus wanted to keep the…show more content…
In the book of The Aeneid: by Virgil, translated by Robert Fitzgerald (pg61/pl1040), Aeneid says "with their belongings, for whatever lands Id lead them to by sea." Aeneid talks about how he is leading his men out of the city and travel to a better place but Aeneid doesn 't really know where to travel so he takes his men and sails out to the sea. This is why I think Aeneid is lacking to be a leader. He does a good thing of taking his men out of there but he doesn 't really know where to go. With Augustus was the same he didn’t know how to lead his men. But both men were had people following them because the people would believe them and trusted there leaders to lead them to greatness.
Another good reason why we cant understand The Aeneid without understanding Age of Augustus is because most of the history of Age of Augustus is based on the story of Aeneas. If It wasn’t for Augustus there probably wouldn’t be a story made of Aeneas. Also people make story 's up and make the leaders of the Roman emperor look bigger and better than other stories. People knew Augustus was a big leader but they try to make there leader big and make up stories so that people can amaze how great the leader
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