Augustus Influence On Julius Caesar

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Augustus once stated, “I found Rome built of brick and left it in marble.” This one quote by Augustus himself is enough to summarize his remarkable reign over Rome for over forty years. An heir to his much beloved great-uncle, Julius Caesar, Augustus is considered to be the first emperor of Rome. Octavian, who later was bestowed the name Augustus by the Senate, rose to power through avenging his adopted father’s murder (“Augustus”). Rome under Augustus flourished in respect to trade, defense, and literature. His reign brought the Pax Romana to Rome, a period of time when Romans were peaceful and prosperous. Augustus’s rule made Rome into a center for political stability, flourishing trade, and golden-age literature (Moulton). His rule greatly…show more content…
Augustus, who was originally named Gaius Octavius, was born on September 23, 63 BC. He was born in a house on one of Rome’s famous seven hills, Palatine Hill. Octavius was born into a reputable family. Octavius’s father, who died when Octavius was four, was a Roman Senator who was elected into several public office positions such as praetorship. His mother, Atia, was the niece of Julius Caesar himself. Atia and Julius Caesar both played huge roles in impacting young Octavius’s life (“Augustus”). Octavius, though born in Rome, was raised in the Italian town of Velletri, which was situated some twenty five miles southeast of Rome (Iaconis). Octavius first caught Caesar’s eye and admiration when he delivered a eulogy to his grandmother and sister of Julius Caesar, Julia, at the age of twelve. At the age of eighteen, Octavius was named the adopted son and heir of Caesar in his will. Octavius, who then changed his named to Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, set out for Rome to claim his inheritance, against the warning and advice of those close to Octavius. Octavian, a frail boy who was prone to illness, now set out to change his very course of life by moving to Rome
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