Aum Shinrikyo Analysis

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Aum Shinrikyo began in 1984 as a religious group combining both the Buddhist and Hindu beliefs and is also obsessed with the apocalypse. It was founded by Shoko Asahara, who professed himself to be both the first “enlightened one” and Christ. Aum, as it was often referred to, was officially recognized in Japan as a religious organization in 1989. Asahara chose a sizable universal following through writing books and speaking at universities. Most of his followers were from Japanese universities as it promised to give the young people better lives without the academic pressures that often prevail. It also claimed it had a mission of saving mankind from destruction; it was labeled as a religion by its followers. (Masami par 2)
In Depth about Aum
The Aum mainly targeted the university students since they had many opportunities to study lots of stuff. Asahara had published many books, and it was easier for the students to access them. Asahara had presented his ideas in such an enticing manner that many fell for it. Once interested, one was required to participate in a camp which duration of stay was 10 days, during this period; the partakers were required to endure difficult training which pushed their strength to the limit. Aum exercised mind
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It is a religion that encourages killing and kidnapping other people; Aum is seen to cause attacks like in Tokyo that kill innocent people. Aum views anybody who does not share in its beliefs as an evil. Therefore, this can only be termed as a cult and not a religion. Therefore, people must not join Aum as it brainwashes them and makes them engage in crimes against humanity. The belief that only Aum members will survive after the world comes to an end is such a big lie. People must not agree to kill others and commit other evils in the name of
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