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“‘’ve got to do something about her,” Aunty was saying. ‘You’ve let things go on too long Atticus, too long.’” (Lee, 136). Aunt Alexandra was a fickle creature, insisting things be done in a proper manner, done with such etiquette, such precision. Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird” tells a compelling story of growing up and coping with the aspects of everyday life, even when it be out of the ordinary. Scout being a young and free girl had to learn to cope with the everyday pressure of her Aunt Alexandra’s expectations pushing her down. Although Scout was the initial target of learning, Alexandra became one to learn as well.

Scout was carefree; a tomboy; the only care in the world being whether she had to go to school the next day or not. She spent her days with her brother Jem and their friend Dill, running through the yards, parading around as neighbors, or anything she
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The night Scout and Jem were attacked was a turning point for Aunt Alexandra as a character. By being more concerned by the health of Jem and Scout, her true colors showed. “Aunt Alexandra’s fingers trembled as she unwound the crushed fabric and wire from around me.” (Lee, 264). She acted as a mother figure, the motherly notion being what Scout really needed all along. Her mind completely distracted by the recent excitement, Aunt Alexandra did something that would stick with Scout forever. Upon helping Scout with her ruined costume, Alexandra handed Scout a pair of overalls to dress in for the time being. Although it seems like a small action, it truly defined Aunt Alexandra as a character. In that moment, despite all of the exhilarating acts that followed that night, Scout had decided that maybe her aunt was not as horrid as she seemed; and Alexandra had decided that maybe Scout wouldn’t become a proper lady… But she was alright with that as
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