Aunt Baba In Chinese Cinderella

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In Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, Adeline needs Aunt baba the most because Adeline's family hates her. Her aunt is the only one that loves her. The only reason her family hates her is because when she was born her mother died and blames her for it. The only people in her family that love her are Aunt Baba and Ye Ye.

What do Adeline and Aunt Baba Have in common? For Adeline, Aunt Baba is like her mother and Adeline wants to remember Aunt Baba forever. For example on page 122 when Adeline says “Will you be my aunt?” Aunt Baba said “Of course.” This resembles that they both love each other very, very much and that Adeline always love Aunt Baba forever. Another example is on page 122 is when Aunt Baba says “Never forget the dream, try
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For example, on page 78, Aunt Baba says “Don't make any waves. I tell you what. Let's open my safe-deposit box and take a look. That'll make us both feel better.” At the time this is when Adeline was bit by Jackie and Aunt Baba bandage her up, open her safe-deposit box to help her stop crying. It is important because this shows that Aunt Baba is loving and cares for her own, not like Niang and Adeline’s siblings. Another example is on page 121, Aunt Baba says “One day, the world will recognize your talent, and we'll leave them and live together in our own home. Just the two of us.” This means that Aunt Baba loves Adeline so much she wishes she could spend more time with her even though Adeline has to go to boarding school. It is important because this is the last time Adeline will see Aunt Baba ever again.
Who needs the other the most? Adeline needs Aunt Baba the most because Aunt Baba is the only one in Adeline's family who loves her, besides Ye Ye. A quote from the book that resembles this is on page 122 when Adeline says “Will you write twice a week to me.” Then Aunt Baba said “For as long as you're in Tianjin.” Aunt Baba still loves Adeline even though she is far away and also Adeline doesn't want to leave her because she has always been a mother to her and doesn't want to leave her. It is important because she is an unwanted daughter and none of her family likes
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