Aunt Jennifer's Tigers By Adrienne Rich And Still Life Essay

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Compare the ways in which the poets strikingly portray the women and their lives in these two poems; Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers and Still Life

In the poems; Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, by Adrienne Rich and Still Life, by Elizabeth Daryush; there are certain themes that are presented to the reader in a contrasting manner. The poet in the poem, Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, uses the idea of a tiger to convey the fears and desires of Aunt Jennifer; however, the poet in the poem, Still Life, uses the idea of a breakfast table to convey the level of freedom that the young heiress has.

Firstly, in the poem, Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, the tiger is described as an active yet, beautiful creature. The word ‘prance’ suggests that the tigers in the poem are happy and
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The use of the word “Aunt” suggests that Jennifer is quite old and near the age of death. The phrase ‘fingers fluttering’ is an example of alliteration in the poem. It suggests that Aunt Jennifer is in fear or uncertain of something. The phrase ‘massive weight of Uncle’s wedding band’ suggests that Aunt Jennifer thinks that her wedding was a mistake and that her husband is burden that has been placed upon her. The phrase ‘terrified hands’ suggests that her creation has the ability to do harm toward others. The phrase ‘Still ringed with ordeals’ suggests that Aunt Jennifer will never get the freedom that she desires because she still has a burden upon her even after her death.
On the other hand, in the poem, Still Life, the heiress is described as a young woman who has a luxurious and elegant lifestyle. The phrase ‘life’s a table set’ suggests that the heiress thinks that life is perfect. The heiress is described of having complete freedom over what she wants to do. The heiress could be described as spoilt by Aunt Jennifer because the heiress did not do anything to earn the freedom that she has and Aunt Jennifer will never get the amount of freedom that the heiress has because she has a burden of marriage on
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