Aura Martinez Biography Essay

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She’s got high goals that people can only dream of accomplishing. She’s not as outspoken as others, yet her dreams and goals speak louder than words. Her education is highly average and has a surprising interest for math. She’s always ahead of the game making every point towards her education count. Many people whom don’t know her as well think of her as an average student attending Sylmar High School. Aura Martinez is more than average. Her actions for a good education speak for themselves.
Tall and slender is your first physical imagery. She is also very shy, causing her face to become this ripe red tomato letting you know she is being uncomfortable with the situation. She is not the type that neither looks for nor enjoys the attention of others. She’s not as popular but amongst her friends she is loved and
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She motivates herself on a daily bases and pushed through on tough days knowing it’ll be with it in the future. Although her career is still underside she has many interests in life and wants to go into college to find a career that will properly support her and her family in the far future. She dreams of being independent and fears not knowing what the future holds. Her only commitment as of now is to master all her classes and reach her goals. She wants to form a family and have a successful career that makes herself proud of all that she has struggle and accomplished.
We all have a story to tell and dreams we all would like to achieve, Aura’s biography is just another story being told. As the bright girl that she is Aura is capable of anything she sets her mind to. She is happily looking forward to achieving her goals and proving to herself she could have all along. She takes her education serious, yet enjoys being the young lady she is growing up to be and is having fun along the way learning from her mistakes and improving her weaknesses in her

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