Aurthur E. Lean The Fare Called Grading Analysis

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Shaikha Al Mazmi
Formal critique of “ The Farce Called Grading”
In the essay The Farce Called Grading, Aurthur E. Lean, mentions the grading system. As we all know grades have a huge part of the students enrolled in any school/university life. In the essay Lean states the mistakes and unfairness and extremely subjective in the system. Lean mentions a point that the graders are inconsistent and the same paper can have different grades depending on the person who’s correcting it. He claims that the reason grading systems are evident is because it pushes the student to study hard. Moreover, in his essay he gives out examples where grading varies. I, personally disagree that grading systems should be banned. If grading system is not evident then how will a student enroll in a university?
Lets take a moment and this about what will happen if there were no grading system? How can school and universities accept eligible students that fit the program they offer if they cant see what they posses. There are two main points of argument Lean talks about. First, that there is an inconsistency from the graders mostly teachers and it varies from a grader to a grader. Second, he mentions that the grading is unfair and it punishes the less intelligent ones. Lean provides examples and quotations to back up his statements. “A sustained effort should be made to throw out false inducements to learning. In one way or another most of these refer to our obsession with grades. A few

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