Auschwitz: Death, Inhumanity And Death Of The Holocaust

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Over the years, The Auschwitz Concentration camp has become synonymous with death, inhumanity, and evil. This particular camp was the largest mass murder site in human history. The camp claimed victims of all ethnicities, but Jews were the main group that the Nazis were trying to eradicate. Out of the many concentration camps set up by the regime, Auschwitz was the most lethal one of them all. Millions of people that the Nazis considered to be imperfect were brutally killed in this camp. The Auschwitz concentration camp deported at least 1.3 million people to the complex, out of which 1.1 million were murdered in cruel and inhumane ways until the camp’s liberation by the Soviets on January 27, 1945. The idea of the “final solution” was implemented by the infamous leader of the Nazi party, Adolf Hitler. This brutal regime leader soon became, “convinced that his “Jewish problem” would be solved only with the elimination of every Jew in his domain, along with artists, educators, Gypsies, communists, homosexuals, the mentally and physically handicapped and others deemed unfit for survival in Nazi Germany” ( It is difficult to find an accurate number of the people that were transported and killed in Auschwitz. When the Jews first arrived at the camp, they were separated into two lines.
Those who were sent to the left line, “which was the majority of those who arrived at Auschwitz, were never told that they had been chosen for death. The entire mass murder system
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