Auschwitz Concentration Camps: Hitler's Final Solution

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Visualize a place where belongings and rights as a human beings are stripped away, psychological warfare and harsh labor is forced upon individuals in unsanitary conditions, and listening to screams echoing and guns firing. These were but a few of the horrors prisoners would experience in the massive Nazi run concentration camp known as Auschwitz. The most nefarious of the Nazi camps, Auschwitz was made up of three individual camps plus sub camps which allowed it to perform mass murder, degradation, and theft of belongings more effectively than any other concentration camp used for Hitler’s Final Solution. After interpreting the activities that occurred and Auschwitz I, Auschwitz-Birkenau, and Auschwitz III, it can be determined without hesitation that Auschwitz Concentration Camps were perpetrators of the Holocaust.…show more content…
Inside these sectionalized camps people were separated by gender, country of origin, captured enemies of state and their sexual orientation. Roma and Jewish families were ripped apart from each other as part of the Nazi effort to inflict as much emotional and psychological pain as possible. Prisoners were lined up by gender and physicians examined them as part of the selection process to decide who would go into labor camps or who would be put to death (Auschwitz- Birkenau 1). Living conditions at labor camps were less than ideal and more often than not people died from the strenuous activity. The SS guards at the camp worked the people relentlessly and once they became too weak to work they killed them in the gas chambers. Undeniably, splitting up families, sending them to gas chambers, and working the prisoners to death is proving that Auschwitz Birkenau was most definitely a
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