Austin Red Short Story

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“Wow, its dad’s 35th birthday.”Today,1908 September 14th was my father 's birthday.Sad enough I couldn’t celebrate with him,I was doing a lottery job to get a chance at winning vaccine to cure what began the end,DL syndrome.Also known as vita ex mortuis in latin america which means life from among the dead.My task at hand was to investigate the reactor hidden in the subway tunnels.When I finally found the entrance to the reactor unit It looked odd.I was aware It had gone through some hard times because of the war,but something was off.Offset difference aside I had to find the doorway to the unit.Suddenly the brickwall to my left crumbled to the right before my eyes.When the wall had crumbled It revealed a door old,metal and rustic.Practically and permanently stuck on the door were barricades broken and flattened by the brick wall,but there was something else behind the barricades.Behind was a missing poster for my a man known as Austin Red. “Austin Red,27 years old born 1910 went missing 1940.”Odd because If this wanted poster was where I found it,it was conveniently placed behind a wooden barricade.I wanted to pursuit this mystery but my health was slightly more important as of now.Luckily the crumbled wall didn’t just reveal Austin Red,It revealed the doorway.It was still locked and all I have is a bucket,a crossbow and a…show more content…
“Someone could be hurt!” I thought and rushed into the room but.There was a staircase and a telephone booth,both had clearly been hit with the impact of blast day.Inside telephone booth,the floor tiles had been broken and revealed a blank piece of paper.Before I decided to look behind the stairs I went up them,and It lead to the other side of the city where the “rich” laid.When my father was with me we went to the grocery store in the rich town on weekends.Now days when I try shopping In the rich town I always get made fun of that my father is dead.It 's just painful inside that people still ten years ago my father died but people still talk
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