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Good morning/afternoon Miss Kelly and class. Australia Day is one of the most celebrated public holidays in Australia. It’s a day to call over mates for a game of cricket and eat lamb on a ‘barbie’. What better way to convey and persuade this idea than airing it on national television? Australia Day Lamb Ads have taken to our screens since 2006 with a Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) advertisement released every year around Australia Day. The mixed reactions received vary from praise to outrage to racist allegations. The ads try to encourage the tradition of serving lamb on Australia Day, not doing so may result in being called ‘un-Australian’ by sports commentator, Australian rules football player and ‘Lambassador’, Sam Kekovich. One…show more content…
With the intended audience being Australians and bringing them together to share and enjoy delicious lamb over a game of cricket, who better for the job than Australia’s own Richie Benaud? Secondly, the context of this ad is extremely cleverly arranged, producing a well-executed transition through time, allowing the audience to focus on watching the ad and for the message to be clearly conveyed. The ad begins, gradually producing a general feeling of intrigue and excitement, however counter opposed with a fun and laidback mood at the same time. In addition, who could look past an exceptional storyline that truly is the cherry on top? It is rare to see an influential advertisement arranged with a storyline structure similar to that of a narrative. Nevertheless, it was extremely effective because it connected with all Australians by relating to their culture and lifestyle. As quoted by Cindy Tran for Daily Mail Australia, the Australia Day Lamb Campaign has taken a new role by, “...Capturing the spirits by doing what we believe every Aussies should be doing - organising a big lamb BBQ and a game of backyard cricket.” Plenty of big names took centre stage when

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