Australia Day In Australia

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Introduction: Australia Day. For most Aussies it is a day off work, a reason to whip out the Barbie and have a few too many beers on the beach. It’s a day where communities across the nation come together in celebration, watch the glorious fireworks, and play a few rounds of backyard cricket on the blistering asphalt. But for many Indigenous Australians, January 26 does not represent this supposed ‘Australian Dream,’ but rather the recollection of a nightmare. Australia Day to them marks the beginning of a harrowing 229 years of slaughtering, criminalisation, and torture of thousands of their people. It is a day where after 60,000 years of occupation, a people of music, art, dance, and politics was destroyed. Their rights were extinguished as none of it mattered: as if an entire civilisation weren’t ‘there’ according to British Law, Terra nullius. An empty land. A land ripe for the taking. How have we allowed this to happen? The insensitivity of our nation towards this issue has driven our renowned morals into the dirt. For the sake of our country’s future we need to change the date of Australia Day to a more inclusive one. Not only does January 26 commemorate the Invasion Day for Indigenous Australians, but there are numerous approved dates where Australia Day can be held instead, as its purpose is to celebrate the unity of all Australians and praise living in such a great country, one we all proudly call home. Argument 1: It celebrates Invasion Day for Indigenous
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