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Australia was found in 1770 when Captain James Cook sailed along the east coast and claimed it for Great Britain. Although it was found in 1770, it wasn’t unit January 26, 1788, what is now celebrated as Australia Day, in which the first ship of settlers arrived at present day Sydney to set up a British penal colony. The first fleet of eleven ships led by Captain Arthur Phillip carried over 1,500 people, with over half of them being convicts, to the new colony which led to the formal proclamation of the first city with the establishment of the Colony of New South Wales on February 7.
It didn’t take very long for the new settlers to make the new land a home, by 1820 many of the soldiers, officers, and convicts that had arrived turned the land they received from the government into thriving farms. With the news of Australia’s cheap land and amount workers needed brought more and more boatloads of courageous immigrants from Great Britain. With more and more new settlers arriving new cities began to pop up all over the map leading to establishment in present day cities like Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide.
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With the new discovery creating massive attention worldwide a new type of settler began to make it way to Australia. Settlers made up of a chaotic carnival of entertainers, contractors, bootleg liquor-sellers, prostitutes and quacks from across the world moved in the country hoping they could all get a piece of the pie. While this led to an increase in population, wealth, and trade there were some causes of violence like in Victoria, where the British governor’s attempted to impose order led to the bloody anti-authoritarian struggle of the Eureka stockade in 1854. While there were occasional acts of violence on the goldfields, the wealth created from gold and wool brought great investment to Melbourne and Sydney and by the 1880s they were stylish modern

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