Australia Day Vs. Invasion Day

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Written by Zodie Bolic

Who would have known that the date we celebrate our nation could cause such a rift?

Hi, I 'm Zodie Bolic, and welcome to Media Review, the show where we analyse the media and their various portrayals and positioning of audiences on a topical issue at the moment. Tonight 's episode - Australia Day vs Invasion Day. Australia Day commemorates the landing of the British at Sydney Cove and our introduction to their society, but this date is also viewed as Invasion Day, when many Aboriginals were slaughtered by the British. There are two clear sides, those whom believe we should change the date to respect the Indigenous members of our society, and those who believe it should remain, to honour Australia 's tradition and past.

In our first text, Shareena Clanton, an Indigenous Australian actress, shares reasons why the date should be changed in her speech at the Invasion Day March held on the 26th of January in Melbourne last year. As an independent, not belonging to any newspaper or media company as such, Clanton is not looking to make a profit with this speech, simply sharing her opinion about the date of Australia Day.

The name of the march 'Invasion Day ' suggests pain, ambush and an unwanted occurrence. The negative connotations attached to this word create emotions such as shock, horror and sadness in the listener, positioning them to agree with the speaker 's opinion. The speaker 's tone and
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