Australia In The 21st Century

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Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (2012) in White paper pointed out that 21st century is the Asian century. Many Asian countries are growing rapidly and influencing all over the world. This is because, Asia is the most populous in the world so they will produce a large number of goods and services and numerous of goods and services are consumed by them in a few years. Australian economy, society and environment have been already changed in the Asian century. There are many opportunities for Australian economy and society. This is because the demand in natural resources such as mineral and energy of Asian countries is increasing rapidly, so it brings an opportunities for Australia grow their business and exporters these resources…show more content…
Australian government, education authorities, tertiary education institutions and all Australian know and recognise about the opportunities and challenges that were mentioned in these researches. Hence, the curriculum can be changed and amended to cope these issues and prepare for young Australian people in the future jobs. Improving the knowledge, skills for young people through schools can be the best way. For example, as the FYA report mentioned, Young Australian need to have skills about digital, finance and skills to innovate, adapt and navigate the complex careers in the future (p. 2). Hence, the research suggested, mandatory computing or digital technologies could be considered to implement in curriculum from primary school instead of from year 9 as the recommendation of Australian curriculum, and ensuring access to digital infrastructure in all schools and communities (FYA, p, 30-32). The different skill such as digital muggle, digital citizen, digital worker and digital marker need to be taught in education system in Australia. In addition, accessing and using ICT is a part of the learning process (FYA, p. 32). Another suggestion is that enterprise skill such as problem solving, creativity and social intelligence could consider to incorporate into curriculum as individual subject (FYA, p. 32). The methods that support problem solving skill are promoted in training and teaching (FYA, p. 33). As FYA, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (2012) also claimed the importance of improving student skills. Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (2012) in white paper was suggest some pathways to succeed in the Asian century. The knowledge of Asian culture and language, and
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