Australia Movie Belonging

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The movie “Australia” presents a reflection on two different cultures which are those of White people and aboriginal people. The plot focuses mainly on a group of people in Australia during World War II. The dominant culture in the film was the Whites. Aboriginal people weren’t accepted in their society and were oppressed by them. There is a situation in the film where a character tells a story about his aboriginal wife who was killed by a disease because the hospital didn’t allow black people to be treated there. While the Whites were more industrial and materialistic, as a result of industrial growth, the natives were more focused on their traditional ideas and beliefs. It is clear that even though these cultures co-exist in the same environment, their differences made them somewhat disconnected.…show more content…
The boy who was half aboriginal was called “creamy” by other kids and was unable to make friends with them. The villain in the film also concealed his crime of murder by making it looked like it was done by an aboriginal man. The authorities were completely fooled by his trick due to their prejudice against aboriginal people. The Whites, who came after, took their land and rejected them from their society just because they are different. I think the real idea of co-culture is that people in one environment could live together in peace no matter how different they
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