Australian Bill Of Rights

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LEGAL STUDIES FINAL – JOSH TAYLOR A Bill of Rights is a piece of legislation that protects basic human rights, that almost all Western countries have - except Australia. It 's a basic necessity in many governments globally, listing out the entitlements and rights of a group of people. The Australian public has a right to have the protection of a Bill of Rights, because without it, what are we really entitled to? In this essay, many topics are to be explored - from the Bill of Rights itself, to the Australian Constitution, the impacts that a Bill of Rights could have on stakeholders from various backgrounds, and a comprehensive explanation on why Australia should have a Bill of Rights. A constitution is a set of rules in which a country is…show more content…
So for Australia to form its own parliament to become an independent nation, a Constitution must be formed, and after a series of general votes by the public called referendums, the national constitution was created. The Australian Federal Parliament is bicameral, meaning that it is run by two houses: The Senate and the House of Representatives. In the Australian Constitution, it states that laws can only be passed or changed when there is the approval of both houses of Federal Parliament, and the Royal Assent of the Governor General. There are also State and Territory Parliaments, which follow the same process as the Federal Government, only being allowed to make laws for each respective…show more content…
An introduction of an Australian Bill of Rights would impact multiple stakeholders throughout Australian society. It would affect a variety of people, from lawyers, to indigenous Australians, to the general public. First of all, lawyers would have an influx of business, due to people finally understanding and recognising where their rights are being breached, and will stand up against those who cause said breaches of rights. This also leads to the general public, with people learning about their rights, and fighting against injustices in society. This could eventually even lead to a social reformation, with thousands of everyday citizens battling against injustices. Indigenous Australians will even have a say in what rights will be granted in the Bill of Rights. Indigenous Australians can expect more protection from the government, and a less-convoluted description of how their land is protected, and will have the safety of knowing that any injustices against them will be protected by the Australian Government. Overall, it’s obvious that having a Bill of Rights added to the Australian Constitution would be beneficial to the country as a whole. This is shown through the fact that the Bill of Rights would explicitly show Australian citizens the rights they’re entitled to. Society would be more informed and more inclined to understand their rights, and will feel more entitled to actually stand against their rights when they’re breached. With a Bill of Rights being
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