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I. Introduction A. Attention Gainer: How many of you are interested in traveling abroad? For those who raised their hand, have you ever considered traveling to Australia? B. Reason to Listen: Whether you have thought about it or not, there are many interesting aspects of the Australian culture. You may listen to what we have to say about the unique culture and consider it as an ideal destination if you do end up studying abroad! C. Speaker Credibility: We have done extensive research on the topic of Australian culture through the use of academic journals and the Internet, and consider ourselves experts on the topic. D. Thesis Statement: We are going to explain two of the main aspects of Australian culture. E. Preview Main Points: We will teach…show more content…
Body A. Main Point # 1: One unique aspect of Australian culture is their cuisine. 1. (Sub-Point # 1) The type of meat that the people of Australia eat may come as a surprise to those of us living in the United States. While we are used to cows and chicken as our main sources of meat, the most popular meat in Australia is actually Kangaroo meat. Similarly, emu, crocodile, ox tail, and wombats all appear on the Australian menu. Australia also has a unique variety of fruit including sapodillas, star apples, and carambola. 2. (Sub-Point # 2) Also, because Australia is so close to the ocean, seafood plays a major role in their cuisine. They have fish that are foreign to other countries such as the barramundi. “Australia’s fisheries are the sixth largest food producing primary industry” and their “fishing zone is the third largest in the world”. TRANSITION STATEMENT: While Australia does have its own special cuisine, it also incorporates idea from the cuisines of other countries into its food. B. Main Point # 2: Australia considers itself a “melting pot of global cooking styles and…show more content…
Main Point # 3 One important aspect of the Australian culture is the celebration of various holidays. 1. (Sub-Point # 1) Two holidays that are big in Australia are Easter and Christmas, which we also celebrate in the United States. Since 1933, Australia has put on a Christmas pageant that involves floats, dancing groups, and clowns. Unlike in the United States, Christmas in Australia is during the summer time. Rather than playing in the snow during the Christmas season, the Australians can be found having picnics on the beach. During Easter, there is a huge show where the country comes together to honor their origins and rural traditions. 2. (Sub-Point # 2) There are also holidays that are celebrated solely in Australia such as Australia Day. This takes place all over the country and includes large and small events such as community breakfast, cultural exhibitions and citizenship ceremonies, and beach parties. It is a day for Australians to celebrate everything that is great about being Australian. Anzack Day is one of Australia’s most important holidays. It is the anniversary of the first major military action fought by the Australian army in World War I. Services and marches are help across the country where citizens can pay their respects to those who have

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