Australian English, American English And British English

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Language is born of culture and in turn reflects the history of a culture. Australian English, American English, and British English can be regarded as three macro-varieties of “Anglo English”, and they obviously have many similarities in common in terms of their pragmatics, lexis, phonology, and grammar. Archeological evidence indicates that Australia has been inhabited by humans for over 50, 000 years. Australian English is one of the new dialects of English and is spoken over 200 years old. The very early form of Australian English was spoken by the children of the colonists born into the early colony in Sydney. Those children used a wide range of different dialects from all over England mainly the south east, particularly from London. Early Australian English was born in the 19th century and it was known from written sources, and historical records.
Aborigines are considered as original Australians. Australia’s first inhabitants, the Aborigines, arrived from Southeast Asia 50,000 years earlier. They lived in nomadic groups, travelling around their territories, hunting with spears and boomerangs, fishing from canoes, and gathering fruit and vegetables. The languages of the Aborigines offered a large number of words to Australian English. They had no written language, but passed on valuable knowledge by word of mouth and in song. Aboriginal groups were multilingual, as a result of exogamous marriage patterns, and individuals spoke several languages, while claiming
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