Australian Folklore Legends

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Introduce Legends, Myths, and Fairy Tales. What does each of them entail? (If you found Tall Tales or Fables then introduce these as well) Legends are based on history, embellished and are told and retold. Legends can also be Tall Tales. Myths are based on religion, supernatural beings, gods, demigods, and explain natural phenomenon. Fairy Tales are fiction, false, unreal, magic, fantastic elements, imaginary creatures and conflict between good and evil. Fairy Tales can also be Fables.
What is Australian Folklore? Australian Folklore are stories about Australia or they happened in Australia being told around the campfire or at the kitchen tables. Overtime, the stories change because people try to make them more exciting, interesting, or meaningful.
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You will be proving the importance of values in all aspects of Folklore throughout this research paper. Some values reflected in Australian folklore are respect, honesty, and freedom to be yourself. These values are important because they dictate one’s beliefs and behaviors.
Oral Tradition and Folklore
What is the significance of oral tradition and folklore in history? The significance of oral tradition and folklore in history is that they have taught us lessons that have been needed throughout history.
How did the oral tradition of folklore help shape the culture? How did the culture shape folklore? How did oral tradition help folklore evolve and reach the masses? Oral Tradition helped shape the culture because many people have told these stories to other people by word of mouth. The Australian culture shaped folklore by making up stories or hearing different stories and made them in their culture. Oral Tradition helped folklore evolve because people passed down these stories by word of
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