Australian Joe Body Attack Case Study

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orty-one year old Australian Joe has had a rare related to the body attacking itself disease for nine years from an adult life filled with bad eating, which has also made him overweight. To treat his disease, he is on prednisone, a strong prescription medicine with negative side effects. He decided to make an extreme change to his eating life, first by going on a sixty day fresh juice fast, recording down this trip in the United States, a country famous for its unhealthy population due to bad eating; and second by then changing to a mostly micro-nutrient based diet, which is mostly made up of plant products. He spends the first thirty days in New York under the care of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a nutrition specialist, and the remaining thirty days on the road traveling to the west coast. Along the way, he speaks to many people about what he 's doing, some who live and eat healthily, some who are bad eaters but who have not yet developed health issues, and many who are both bad eaters and have…show more content…
Two is the worse case of Phil Staples, an Iowa based trucker who has the same related to the body attacking itself disease as Joe, but who is carrying about one hundred more pounds than Joe at the start of his process. Following his own sixty day trip, Joe dedicates his time to at least the start of Phil 's trip. This movie was really inspiring. I also want to lose weight and I am looking forward to do juice fast to . I also told my brother to do juice fast because his over weight to and he is sick as well. So I am really worried about him more then my self . I will do it for him so he get help him thing that its on only him I made him watch that movie. Then he star asking me question that he did eat nuts how did it help him loss when was eating those nuts because nuts are full of fat. Then I explain them that nuts are good
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