Australia's Identity In The Film Gallipoli

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“Australia is a nation of compassion- and courage…. And the third of these great values: resilience.” Today, members of the board, As an emerging film critic, I stand before you today to discuss and promote the film that absolutely best represents the pure essences of Australia’s identity through our strong Companionship, commitment and courage. From the quote mentioned above, Comparably, our Australian identity that is also exhibited in the film, is emphasized. We, as a nation, believe that we are compassionate, resilient, accepting and that in times of need we will come together and unite as one. This is the true Australian identity. However, from other countries perspectives, Us, Australians are conveyed as being racist, disrespectable and that we are not accepting. This false accusation is due to the representation of Australians in many films such as Paper Plane and strictly ballroom. Is this the identity we are proud to be perceived as having? …… The unrivalled representation of Australia’s Identity is demonstrated through the remarkable film of Gallipoli. Gallipoli directed and…show more content…
Therefore, this film must be viewed at the film festival as it also conveys To conclude, The film Gallipoli MUST be viewed at the film festival as it captures Australia’s True identity of demonstrating strong companionship, Commitment and courage, to which is exhibited throughout the film. Gallipoli has become a symbol of Australia 's national identity, achievement and existence as well as a creating an legend. Gallipoli showcased the worst of times, though, it is definitely is the absolute best Australian film to highlight our country, our challenges and our authentic identity. Therefore, Should be viewed at the film festival.
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